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AIDS immediate help

Call to the public


If you have studied the scientific facts on our AIDS-site, then you now know the truth about this contrived disease AIDS.

However, we do not just want to inform, we go a step further. This step will help many people.

Our therapy center has so far healed every so-called AIDS patent that came to us. But we want to do more, we want to set a signal.

That's why we started an action. We want to help more, much more people. We will treat every so-called AIDS patient and rid him of this fake disease. We, the doctors of the Dayeng Foundation, do this for no fee and no medical costs. Only the accommodation, food and consumables must be paid by the patient.

AIDS immediate help. The therapy time is 14 days.

If we manage to reach many so-called AIDS patients with our action, then we can present these facts to the public and a change will take place.

Help us, talk about it, talk to AIDS patients in particular. Together, we can eradicate this fake disease, which is mainly staged by WHO worldwide. We are an independent foundation and free of any conflicts of interest. Our philosophy is different, we take the Hippocratic Oath very seriously and we are not for sale.

So help us with this great project. It is a human project. Thank you on behalf of all the people who have been sick by an industry that only wants to make big profits with this invented disease.

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