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Our successful AIDS therapy

Successful AIDS treatment

Our healing successes since 2001  100%

What do we do in our AIDS therapy? First, we separate the patient from the cell-killing medication, then we regenerate the immune system and the lymph system. The intestinal flora is restored and any damage to the nervous system is repaired. Our successful in AIDS treatmentsince 2001 are 100%. If the organism is so much weakened by these immune-weakening medications that the organism is hardly able to function, then we also have some problems to be successful. That is why it is important that you do not wait too long. Contact us.

Examples of treatment success and patient opinions can be found here.



The short version the facts about HIV

In the late 1970s, the US Department of Defense secret laboratory experimented with a hepatitis virus in Africa, which then also reached the United States. To cover up this experiment, a new disease called AIDS was created, formerly under another name.


This coverup worked great. After the hepatitis infections subsided, however, the newly invented disease had to continue because otherwise the dizziness would become known. So a fake virus was invented called HI virus (HIV). It has been claimed that this HI virus is a new retro virus and the entire world believed this dizziness until today.


However, because this HI virus is an invention, you still had to find a credible test for this fake virus. But how can you create a test if there is no virus? It was then created a test that detects only increased antibody activity. However, every physician knows that increased antibody activity exists very often, for example even with increased physical activity. But this actual test procedure is not discussed in public, so people still believe that this virus is being sought. But you can not search for a virus that does not exist.


In this so-called HIV test, it is only determined that your immune system works. But now they give you pharmaceuticals to destroy this immune system. Is not it nice of the pharmaceutical industry to make millions of people ill and then make billions in profits from these ill-making medications? Of course, that can only work if there are people who do not ask questions.

Start finally asking questions!



Now they had created a Perfect Disease to manipulate all humans worldwide. This fake AIDS disease has unimagined benefits. Now, with the great help of the World Health Organization (WHO), the most powerful industry can control the sale of medicines that make sick at will and make unimaginable profits. These medications namely weaken the immune system. However, people are told that they must always take this medicine, otherwise they would die. So a money printing machine was created with this fake disease. But this fake AIDS disease is far more useful. But these fake disease AIDS is useful for more. It is now possible to make people artificially ill and also to kill, at will. Thus, a worldwide power was created to eradicate entire peoples, if desired (example: Africa). Why? So you can better get to the mineral wealth of the country or destroy enemies (example Russia). Wars with conventional weapons are no longer necessary. Today, the pharmaceutical industry is waging wars for the financial powers behind the scenes.


With the help of mainstream media, global manipulation is made perfect. Governments are financially blackmailed and play in this deadly game.

Evidence for these facts? Yes very many, read the long version, here following and open your eyes. Above all, do not trust a system that is solely interested in power and profit. They would not believe what this system is capable of.

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The long version of the facts about HIV

You want to know more scientific, true facts about "HIV"? Then read on here. But beware, the truth can hurt too.

We, the Dayeng Foundation do not work alone. We are, so to speak, a large network of international scientists. We have been researching the human organism for more than 30 years, but also other scientists are researching in this direction.


Peter Duesberg, Professor of Molecular Biology and Institute Leader at the University of Berkeley, California, has also found that AIDS is not what publicly suggests.


Nobel laureate Kary Mullis also sees no connection between an invented HIV virus and the diseases, which are now called AIDS.


An HIV test is not meaningful, because unspecific, and the result would not be reproducible, say also Australian researchers. The German scientist Dr. Stefan Lanka combats the false world picture of HIV.


Hepatitis could thus have been the cause of the so-called "AIDS epidemic" in the USA in the 1980s.


Dr. Leonard Horowitz from the University of Harvard published evidence that a virus comes from biological virus research and is due to experiments. These experiments were called Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP). Dr. Leonard Horowitz describes in detail how the virus was produced in a US biowaffen laboratory and "intentionally" spread by the WHO in Africa.


Fort Detrick is the "secret" laboratory of the US military, in which biological research is carried out to this day. In 1969, in the high phase of the Cold War warfare, the Department of Biological Warfare of the US Army asked funds to develop a "new disease" that would overcome the immune system and be resistant to any treatments. The American expert on biowaffen-Herstellung, Dr. Donald MacArthur, informed the Senate at the hearing on the granting of funds according to an official document:

Within the next five to ten years, it will probably be possible to produce a nine infectious microorganism which differs in certain important points from any currently known disease causing organism. Most importantly, his characteristicis that he could remain unaffected by immunological and therapeutic measures.


A virus should be developed that destroys the immune system. The funding for the project has been approved. Immune disease developed well in the hoped-for period. The disease showed exactly the symptoms which also arose from the prognosis of the biological department from Fort Detrick.


The first infections occurred in Africa, in those regions where the World Health Organization (WHO) had vaccinated against smallpox in the 70 'large area. Until the beginning of the 1990s, HIV was suddenly distributed across the globe, untypical for an epidemic.


Dr. Robert Strecker said in 1986, HIV has been spread by public health services in homosexuals. This happened between 1978 and 1981 in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, Denver and Chicago. These cities developed the country's highest AIDS rates.


In the nineties it turned out that many children were treated with the "drug" AZT, but this "drug" was not adequately tested by means of a placebo comparison. Peter Duisburg made the following statement: "AZT is AIDS on prescription". And that's exactly how it was. The official bodies then declared: The dose of the drugs was supposedly too high. First, it was 1500 mg, then 1000 and then 500 mg. This means: The people who were claimed to have AIDS, but actually died from AZT poisoning.

Then all the other preparations came on the market, with further lethal side effects.


The first "AIDS patients" were homosexuals and often drug-dependent, they were about 30 years old and were ending with their immune system, got a severe lung inflammation and then died. Dr. Gottlieb described the cases at that time. The press and the media made it a new lifestyle disease and claimed that a new virus had been found that would damage humanity. This was then presented to a public press conference, without any medical examination and without any evidence, and even in the subjunctive. The world press claims, however, that an "American" has discovered the cause of "AIDS". Shortly thereafter, the HIV test came onto the market and then it was claimed worldwide who would react positively to this test had a "problem". But this test was not a test to locate a virus. This test made everyone to an AIDS patient who had only a slightly increased antibody activity. So, according to arbitrary selection.


Then came the problem with the incubation period, because suddenly many people were tested positive for HIV, but these people had NO problem before. In these cases the doctors have claimed that the deadly problem will come in 10 years. This means the doctors have simply claimed that a human being carries a deadly virus and is in danger of life [and is also a deadly danger to society]. The best argument for a money printing machine for the pharmaceutical industry.


There is not a single standard for HIV testing worldwide. The HIV tests test different things and assess a person as HIV-positive or HIV-negative depending on the country. Even an HIV test of the same kind produces different results, once positive and once negative. We have tested it with always the same people. A so-called HIV test does not matter.


Why so many alleged "AIDS" patients in Africa? The sanitary and health conditions are a disaster in large parts of Africa. The cause of death in Africa was an old epidemic with a new name. For example, tuberculosis, dysentery, and hepatitis were now regarded as AIDS. Mines workers with silico-tuberculosis are defined as AIDS victims. There are also a lot of mushroom diseases. And HIV has nothing to do with it. All this has to do with unfavorable, sanitary conditions and nutritional problems.


In many areas of Africa there is no good and healthy diet, certain essential amino acids are missing the organism, and then a reduced build-up of proteins, which are necessary for the immune defense is occurring. Then people become prone to tuberculosis, fungal diseases and other parasitic diseases.


According to the AZT it was claimed that a new "drug cocktail" could "cure" AIDS. The parasitic diseases also improve first because the so-called "parasites" are destroyed by the drug cocktail. They are also bound to DNA. Inflammatory symptoms are also suppressed. For a short time, the medication can be used. These drugs are again a money-printing machine for the pharmaceutical industry, because these drugs are to be taken for life. However, after a short period of time, these medicines attack the immune system very strongly. Of course very much to the joy of the pharmaceutical industry, because people would feel better, then someone might think that this drug would no longer be necessary.


Thus one can "conjure" new epidemics, simply by spreading the test. Where the test does not exist, the diseases have their original name. And when the AIDS test is spread in Russia, China or India, these countries "suddenly have an AIDS problem", where there was no AIDS before.


The "old diseases" are tuberculosis, cervical cancer, lymphoma, hepatitis, dysentery etc. "AIDS" is now to be the new name of all these diseases.

It is about the spread of the test. And it's about selling new, medicinal drugs.


How and what originally was spread in the US as an alleged AIDS disease by the secret labs we do not know exactly. We are a science center and believe only what we have researched ourselves. One thing, however, is a fact that we can prove scientifically: we have not been able to find a so-called HIV virus in more than 200 so-called AIDS patients. Another scientific fact is that all so-called AIDS patients, who were treated by us, were completely healthy after therapy.


In order to prove to people this great fraud, we have also written many so-called official offices, but also so-called AIDS-Hilfe organizations, AIDS aid groups, clinics and also the World Health Organization. We have sent the following text:

Dear Sir or Madam,

They deal professionally with the topic of HIV and AIDS. They are of the opinion that a HI virus is responsible for a disease called AIDS. They recommend people to consume medication. That's a big responsibility, so we assume that you are aware of this responsibility, because you decide on life and death. Therefore, it will not be a problem for you to show us the existence of a virus that is solely responsible for the so-called disease called AIDS, of course, according to scientific standards.

We therefore expect the detection of such a virus in at least 10 different human organisms living in different regions, at least 500 km apart, but better from different countries. That is then according to scientific standards. Surely you know for yourself that a so-called HIV test does not detect any of these alleged viruses, but rather only one antibody activity rated differently, but without a uniform standard. An increased antibody activity, however, also arises at high physical stress or pregnancy, which should normally be pleasing. Therefore, allow the question:

How do you find in these tests a virus that no one has found, according to the scientific standards mentioned above? Could it therefore be that the topic of AIDS represents different interests than the welfare of the people?

We assume that our questions will remain unanswered.

In this case, the logic says that you do not know any answers and this is a confession of deliberate deception, aiding and abetting bodily injury, and aiding and abetting mass murder.

Of course we will publish this confession. However, we will give you time to answer until 10 days after receiving this message. All our sent messages are registered after arriving on your server.

Best regards


So far we have received no answers except from a pharmaceutical company named Gilead Sciences GmbH, 82152 Martinsried / Munich, Germany.

"Dear Professor Dayeng,

Thank you very much for your email. They asked for a microscope image of the HI virus.

There are pictures that come from different research institutes. For copyright reasons I am not allowed to send you these pictures. But I am happy to send you as an example the link to a photo gallery of Spiegel online with microscope images of various viruses, including the HI virus on photo 3:

In addition, there are numerous schematic representations of the HI virus that are more suitable for explaining the individual structures of the virus and the modes of action of the various antiretroviral classes of drugs.

I hope that I could help you with this.

Best regards

Irmela May de Cortez "


So, this company sells pharmaceuticals for a virus they do not know about. Instead, this company sends us, as proof of this virus, computer graphics that a mainstream magazine has published. These are imaginative colorful paintings and not actually photographed viruses. Now you know the scientific knowledge of such pharmaceutical companies. This company is unable to detect a suspected virus, but the company is selling medicines for this Vitus it does not know itself. What do you say about that?

We then wrote to this company again and asked for actual evidence of this alleged HIV virus. We did not receive an answer anymore.


But why is it possible to fool so many people worldwide with this fictitious virus? So far it has always worked well when it came to lying to people to make good profits. Many people also eat yogurt, because the industry says yogurt is good for the gastrointestinal tract. Unfortunately, exactly the opposite is the case. But people blindly believe the industry and the mass media. Another reason is people's indifference, nobody really wants to know the truth, because it could be painful for the feel-good zone. That's why millions of people continue to die, it's indifference.



Nevertheless, the worldwide manipulation continues diligently, now with a new message. The audacity and, above all, unscrupulousness of purchased scientists knows no limits. The following message now spreads the global mainstream media:

"The biophysicist Sanford Simon from Rockefeller University and the HIV expert Paul Bieniasz from the Aaron Diamond Research Center in New York have succeeded in filing the emergence of HI viruses for the first time. The researchers were able to capture the viruses by means of a new microscopy technique, which Simon has developed since 1992."


Of course, a sensation. Or not?

We ask ourselves, however, where is the virus? We can not detect a virus. What we see (if the film

does not come directly from the Hollywood studios) is possibly the penetration of protein molecules into a cell. More does not show this video. Well, what does Rockefeller University want to prove? Where is the virus? It is referred to the filmed formation of a HI virus. But where is the virus and how is a virus to arise in the Body?


But let us take the science to help. The size of cells is: Prokaryotes: ~ 1 - 10 μm, eukaryotes: ~ 5 - 100 μm.

Size of viruses is however: 0.01 - 0.1 μm.

To better illustrate the size difference between cells and viruses is roughly the same as the size difference between a large city and a human being. Do you notice anything about these alleged film shots? Therefore, if the protein molecule of a HI virus is involved, then the virus would have to be larger than a cell, because in the film, the protein molecule eats the same size as the cell. Do you see the scientific nonsense? The right proportions, however, are as if a worm were entering a mountain. On this video, however, everything is the same size. This is scientific nonsense.


But from all this, the following question arises: What is with these many graphics, computer animations and false microscope images of this alleged HI virus, which has been seen in all media for decades? But we are sticking to the relationship of size, this fact alone shows this blatant lie or further manipulation of this system of the powerful named Rockefeller & Co. This name should tell most people already on this topic. This has nothing to do with scientific facts. An interested layman who deals only with cell biology understands this dizziness. By the way, Rockefeller University dictates everything that can be taught in other universities. Not a science. No, in the universities, opinions are created that serve to raise profits.



In 1978, a large study on school medicine was conducted and the results presented to the US Congress. The study concluded that 80% to 90% of the treatment methods applied in school medicine were not proven by clinically controlled studies.

In other words, they have been applied and taught without being scientifically proven.

In 1985, the National Academy of Science conducted the same study once again, with the same results.

It is a simple matter of arithmetic that no more than 16% to 20% of all treatments used in school medicine have been proven by clinically controlled tests. This means that the vast majority of medical treatment methods have no scientific basis at all!

The basis of the new, classical medicine are exclusively the interests of the financial institutions and the profit interest of the pharmaceutical industry.


A quote from the colleague Dr. Heinz Ludwig Singer Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Munich.

If there is any real evidence that HIV is generating AIDS, there should be scientific documents that demonstrate this, at least in some detail, individually or in conjunction with others. There are no such documents.

To date, there is still no scientifically convincing evidence of the existence of HIV. Not a single such retrovirus has been isolated according to the rules of classical virology.“

Dr. Heinz Ludwig Sänger, Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology and Virology, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Munich.


It is up to you whether you are influenced by dependent and profit-oriented pseudosciences like Rockefeller University, or whether they believe in independent scientists. We, the scientific research center of the Dayeng Foundation, are completely independent.

Actually, you do not receive a successful AIDS therapy, because this disease is a fake. You will receive from us a successful therapy that repairs the weakened immune system and thus makes you healthy.

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