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Our successful AIDS therapy

First, it is important to understand what AIDS is. Classic medicine says AIDS is an immune deficiency disease. But by what this immune deficiency emerges, classical medicine does not say. It is merely suggested that a so-called HI virus (HIV) should be responsible for this immune deficiency. There is no evidence of such a virus. These HI viruses you can see in the media and in magazines are merely computer animations. So far nobody has ever been able to detect such a virus. Now many say, but a so-called AIDS test or HIV test is carried out.

Well, the fewest people know how such a test is made. It is not about looking for a HI virus, as most people might think. Only an increased activity of antibodies is searched for. If this increased antibody activity is found, HIV is positively tested. did you know that?

The following is very important. When can an increased antibody activity in the organism be determined. Some examples: In a normal and harmless cold, after a vaccination, an infection by an injury, with a great effort of the body, with great stress, after an operation and much more. So people are called HIV positive who are actually healthy.

Do not forget, so-called HI virus has never been detected. This fact, however, is concealed from the human being. Nevertheless, these wrongly diagnosed humans are now given pharmaceuticals, which are supposed to help against a virus that no one has yet found. Do you recognize the paradox? What are these pharmaceuticals? These drugs turn off the immune system. Only now, through the pharmaceuticals, one has an immunodeficiency patient. You think that can not be true? Then please go to a doctor, a hospital, an immunologist and so on and ask for a photo of this alleged HI virus.

But a photo photographed directly from the microscope and not as computer animations or graphics. You will see that no one can show you such a photo. In 2015, a wealthy American had offered a sum of one million dollars, for the human being who can prove to him a supposed HI virus. You will suppose, Obviously nobody wanted to have this million.

What do we do in our AIDS therapy? First, we separate the patient from the cell-killing medication, then we regenerate the immune system and the lymph system. The intestinal flora is restored and any damage to the nervous system is repaired. Our successes since 2001 are 100%. If the organism is so much weakened by these immune-weakening medications that the organism is hardly able to function, then we also have some problems to be successful. That is why it is important that you do not wait too long. Contact us.

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