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Our successful Asthma therapy

Successful asthma treatment

Our healing successes since 2001  89.9%

The classical medicine describes asthma like this:

"It is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the airways, with increased sensitivity of the bronchi."

This is mainly true. But classical medicine says nothing about it causes. The pharmaceutical industry produces medicines, but always only against the symptoms. Classical medicine makes not a cause research. It is important to know that medications for asthma, especially sprays, systematically destroy the mucous membranes. As a result, the disease is becoming worse and worse, a major paradox.

We have investigated the causes of asthma, which is the only way to cure this disease, drugs can not.

Asthma is strictly speaking an allergic reaction. The immune system is disrupted. The organism reacts to something very sensitive. Foreign influences can neutralize a healthy immune system very well. If the immune system is disturbed, however, mistakes or misinterpretations occur. This leads to these false reactions, the mucous membranes are over-stimulated and the lung can also suffer from it.

Our asthma treatment is currently the most successful worldwide. What do we do in our therapies? Through an intensive anamnesis we determine the causes of the disease. In most cases, the causes are chemical influences in personal care products, negatively polluted air, an incorrect diet and chemically contaminated foods, stress (even children can have stress), anxiety states and pharmaceuticals. However, there are other negative influences that lead to asthma. We eliminate these negative influences. We strengthen the immune system in a natural way. We restore the original programming of the cells. Our therapy success is very large, almost all of our patients are later free of asthma. It is currently the most successful asthma therapy. Contact us.

Examples of treatment success and patient opinions can be found here.

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