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Autoimmune diseases

What are autoimmune diseases?

Instead of only attacking harmful germs and other negative influences, the immune system suddenly begins to attack even corporeal cells. These diseases are increasing.

The immune system is the body's defense army. This natural defense system already starts on the skin. Sweat on the skin slows the growth of body-foreign organisms; Mucus in the respiratory tract binds unwanted intruders. If germs nevertheless enter the bloodstream, macrophages are waiting here. These scavenger cells recognize and destroy the pathogens. A third defense front are the lymphocytes called T- and B-cells. Like border policemen, they are constantly on the road and check the identity of all cells in the bloodstream. Whoever has a strange identity is exposed, attacked and eliminated as an intruder. However, the lymphocytes must also always be ready to recognize intruders with unknown identity cards. The immune system therefore continuously produces cells and molecules with new identification programs.


In the case of autoimmune diseases the guidance of the T cells fails. It sends out border policemen who have been programmed incorrectly, but this has not been recognized in internal quality control. These T-cells run amok, with often devastating consequences. Organs, joints, skin, glands - any component of the body can become the supposed enemy in the eyes of the border policemen (T-cells), which must be destroyed.


In order for the immune system to get out of the running and the diseases to break out, it needs an event. This event does not occur inside the body but comes from the outside and from the environment.

People do everything they can to keep the tried and tested natural immune system out of balance. It starts already in the baby age by vaccinations. Now many people are sure to say, but vaccinations are still being carried out to protect the organism. Not at all. We have treated this topic separately, you will find the information here. Other negative influences for the immune system are chemicals in food, beverages, chemicals in personal care products and tooth creams, chemicals in cosmetics, chemicals in drinking water, and so on.


All these negative influences can provoke the T and B lymphocytes to attacks on body-specific structures. But also other mechanisms of the immune system and the cells will be disturbed or destroyed. Added to this are stress, pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins. If the immune system is overwhelmed by these influences, then these are the so-called autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases include, in particular, neurodermatitis, asthma and other allergies as well as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and other disorders of the nervous system, autism and other brain damage and many other diseases.


How are these diseases treatable? First, an important fact: Classical medicine can not and does not want to treat these diseases successfully. Why is that? Because classical medicine has developed into the slaves of the pharmaceutical industry in recent decades. The pharmaceutical industry does not have any diseases of interest to heal, because then billions of profits would be avoided. The entire health care system worldwide is a business that lives from diseases. Therefore, classical medicine is concerned exclusively with the treatment of symptoms and not the causes of diseases. That is why more and more people are suffering from these diseases. It is a great paradox. Most people do not understand these backgrounds, or rather they do not want to understand it. Another fact is comfort. It is very convenient to swallow a pill instead of thinking about the causes and changing the lifestyle.


What does the Dayeng Foundation Therapy Center do against these diseases? The Dayeng Foundation consists of international scientists from the fields of biology, special cellular biology, neuroscience, immunology, dermatology and paediatrics. Together, we have been researching the human organism, especially the immune system, for more than 30 years. Through international cooperation, we have gained many new insights. From these findings, therapies have been developed which have resulted in the treatment success of approximately 100%. Please tell us your health problem here, we will be happy to send you an appropriate therapy offerte.