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Our successful Cancer-Therapy

Successful cancer treatment of real cancer specialists


Our treatment success with cancer is very large.

Healing successes since 2001  99.8%

Our treatment successes in cancer are almost 100%. Cancer diseases have only become widespread since industrialization, ie about 200 years ago. One can say, the more industry, the more cancer. The main causes of cancer are the industries, the chemical industry, the food industry (which also belongs to the chemical industry), The cosmetics industry (also chemical industry), The industry for personal care (chemistry) and the pharmaceutical industry (very much chemistry). We have investigated the spread of cancer worldwide. We have identified the following. In the regions where hardly any industry exists and people consume little pharmaceuticals, there are hardly any cancer cases.

The fact that so many cancer cases are present in the industrialized countries (mainly US and Europe) is clearly due to a disturbed or destroyed immune system. Our scientific research center has been investigating the human immune system for over 30 years. The results of these researches are clear. From these research results, we have developed special cancer therapies that are currently the most successful. A chemotherapy or radiotherapy has never defeated a cancer. Many people die directly from the effects of chemotherapy or some time later. In most cases, cancer has always returned, after chemotherapy. What is chemotherapy? The organism is poisoned. This poison consists of a so-called mustard gas mixture.

Senfgas was used in the first world war as Chemiewaffe. What happens in the organism. This chemotherapy attacks the cells, all cells, even the healthy ones. Therefore, patients lose their hair. However, the immune cells (T-Cells, B-Cells, etc.) are also deactivated. This means that the immune system, during a chemotherapy, does not work. Also the entire digestive system does not work properly. It is enough to have a small infection, a harmless virus to kill the patient. The consequences for the immune system are considerable. But why does the pharmaceutical industry still offer this poisoning? For example, chemotherapy with 10 units costs approximately $ 100,000.00. With 400,000 cancer patients, for example, this amounts to a total of $ 40 billion. So it is a very lucrative business.

But there are more than 400,000 cancer cases worldwide. Can one speak of successful cancer therapy? Yes, successful for the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. The patient is only the means for these huge profits.

Whether you opt for or against chemotherapy, you should, in any case, use our successful cancer therapy to defeat cancer as much as possible. Of course, we can not guarantee cure, but we can call our statistics of treatment success. Our treatment success in cancer is over 90%. Contact us.

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