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Cardiovascular disease Therapy

Our therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease are based on many years of intensive scientific research. We are able to repair the disturbed bloodstream in a relatively short time. However, we would like to point out that we can not remedy cardiac problems caused by organ damage.

To better understand what is right and wrong in this day and age, you should read the following text carefully, this is very important.


Cardiovascular disease, what is it really?

It's definitely not what most doctors say. In developed countries, 60% of people over 50 years old and 80% of people over the age of 60 are taking pharmaceuticals.

An appointment with the doctor: First, the blood pressure is measured. Then the doctor says, in most cases, that the blood pressure is too high. The patient now receives pharmaceuticals from the doctor to lower blood pressure.

Who actually invented these defaults for blood pressure? The pharmaceutical industry has done this to sell more pharmaceuticals. Man is an individual, which means that each person is very individual. The human organism is different in weight, height, skeletal structure, genes and much more. There can be no standard for blood pressure.

But doctors say high blood pressure is a sign of arteriosclerosis and can be dangerous if you do not immediately take pharmaceuticals.

The classical physicians explain the development of a stroke or heart attack as follows.

If an artery is narrowed to the brain by arteriosclerosis so much that no more oxygen-containing blood can flow through to the brain, it comes to a stroke.

If an artery is too narrowed to the heart, it comes to a heart attack!

Cardiovascular disease is the most profitable business in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, along with cancer, with billions of profits a year. However, the real facts about atherosclerosis are kept secret. The pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession, which is dependent on the pharmaceutical industry, say the following: The reasons for arterial narrowing and blood vessel constriction in general are fat foods, smoking, overweight, alcohol and lack of exercise.

High-fat diet is thus responsible for high cholesterol?

On the contrary, a high-fat diet may be healthy and may even lower the risk of heart disease.

Inactivity is actually a factor that can additionally promote the development of atherosclerosis, but not alone. The actual causes of arteriosclerosis are as follows: Chemical and metallic substances in industrialized food, personal care products, beverages, cosmetics, drinking water, air and especially pharmaceuticals. These substances are deposited in the arteries and blood vessels, they also cause a cell deterioration of the inner walls of the arteries and blood vessels. These are the results of intensive research on more than 600 people in 6 countries.

But the pharmaceutical industry and its beneficiaries use a second magic word to distract from the root cause and make big profits. This magic word is called cholesterol value.


Here is the truth about cholesterol

According to the pharmaceutical industry, the majority of the population over the age of 40 are at risk because they are reported to be suffering from high cholesterol. This industry and its dealers the doctors say that medicines must be taken and continue to say that less fat should be eaten. But all this is not health, it only increases the profits of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession.

Hardly anyone knows that these deposits in the arteries are only one-thousandth of cholesterol!

There are only two ways that cholesterol can bind in the body. Cholesterol is not water soluble, cholesterol is a fat body (lipid). It can be transported in the body only in combination with two special proteins that can bind the cholesterol. The so-called HDL lipoprotein and the LDL lipoprotein. These two proteins combine with cholesterol to form a complex known as LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. This naming gives the impression that there are two types of cholesterol in the body. In fact, these are always the same cholesterol. Out of these two cholesterol complexes, however, the establishment has made the supposedly good and bad cholesterol out of greed for profit, but this is utter nonsense. Not only does cholesterol bind to the HDL and LDL lipoproteins, it is also very important for other processes in the body.

Only about eight percent of cholesterol circulates in the blood, the remaining 92 percent are stored in the cells. There, cholesterol helps to maintain cell function, strengthens the mitochondria and cell walls, and thus contributes to proper cell growth.

Cortisol activates glucose and potassium in the body, controlling all our physical and mental activities. The hormone mobilizes the glucose from the protein deposits, this is our energy. Only a handful of researchers and physicians know that increasing cortisol results in increased cholesterol production.

Cortisol controls the balance of potassium and sodium in the blood and in the cell (osmotic pressure). In this way it maintains the cardiovascular functions. Now, when cholesterol-lowering drugs are taken, this natural function is disturbed and the cell functions are significantly impaired.

Cholesterol is also the basis for male and female sex hormones.

The reduction of cholesterol with the help of pharmaceuticals can lead to impotence, especially in men.

Sex hormones also have an important function in protein buildup of the muscles. The sex hormones also control protein and lime incorporation in the skeleton and can thus help to prevent osteoporosis.


Summary: By cholesterol-lowering pharmaceuticals to achieve exactly the opposite. In addition, many organs need cholesterol. Did you know that, for example, the adrenal gland contains up to fifty percent cholesterol? Even the heart is 10 percent cholesterol. And also the memory only works perfectly if enough cholesterol is present.


You can now continue to trust your doctor who will receive substantial commissions on every drug sold, or they'll start asking questions and break up with one of the biggest industrial fake physicians who are not interested in making people healthy. It's about profits, not about people. But even outside the pharmaceutical construct, it has been recognized that a lot of profit can be made with the magic word atherosclerosis. There are always very strange devices and methods offered which are said to destroy deposits in the arteries and blood vessels. We give you the good advice, do not believe such statements, it can possibly harm your organism considerably. It's also are exclusively profits, at the expense of sick people.

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