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Interesting facts from medicine


Medical Errors

One must always repeat the truth, because the error around us is always preached, not from individual but from the mass. In newspapers and encyclopaedias, in schools and universities, the error is everywhere, and he is comfortable and comfortable in the feeling of the majority which is on his side.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German poet and thinker)


At the word medicine, most people immediately think of pharmaceuticals. But this is wrong! The word medicine or medic is already many hundred years old, at that time no pharmacy company existed. Medicine was formerly exclusively from plant extracts. This also makes sense, because to give well-effective biological extracts into a biological organism is very advantageous for a good recovery, the nature provides everything. However, giving chemicals into a biological body has no advantage. Do not you think? Think about why so many people are sick and why it is becoming more and more.


The important things first:

There is no miracle medicine!

There are also no miracle plants, or miracle pills, or miracle healers that can cure a bad disease like cancer, multiple sclerosis, allergies and so on! Plants can greatly aid a healing process, but the cause of a disease can not eliminate a plant.

There is the scientific research and findings from this research. The biology of humans is very extensive. When a person becomes ill, this disease has individual causes. These causes must be found, only then can one try to eliminate these causes. Supposed miracle drugs can not help. You can find many miracle products on the Internet, but all these things serve only one purpose, these marvels fill bank accounts of the providers of these things. A benefit for humans do not have these things! Do not be fooled.


Healthy food

Unfortunately, there is bad news for all people who live mainly in so-called industrialized countries. This mainly affects the US, Europe, large parts of Russia, China, Australia and also large parts of the Arab regions.

In these areas, a healthy and above all unloaded diet is no longer possible.


Vegetables and fruits: In the cultivation of fruits and vegetables chemicals are used, often the seed is already treated chemically. The chemical components that cause the industry, then get into the human organism but also into the organism of livestock. For example, cows' milk is often heavily contaminated with these negative components. But the meat of farm animals is negatively burdened. In several tests, a radioactive contamination of fruits and vegetables was detected, especially in the south of the US and Europe.

Meat and fish: Through profit greed the livestock such as cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, geese and so on are crammed with anabolic steroids, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals and chemicals. All this has nothing to do with healthy food.

Even fish are full of chemicals. For long transport routes the fish are chemically preserved. But also the oceans are partially very dirty and contaminated with plastic garbage and chemicals. Above all, the oceans south of the USA and the northern seas of Europe are exposed to radioactivity.

Ready food and canned food: These foods should actually be called anti-food, they are replete with chemicals, metals and more.

Now many people say to us: "But what should I do, I have to feed myself?". We can not help here, we just give the facts. People have to become active themselves, forcing politicians and industry to change things.



Vitamins and food supplements

Vitamins are important. But the right and balanced mix is important.
Unfortunately, however, there are people who make high profits with false promises.

Many therapy centers, providers of alternative healing methods and even some doctors offer so-called vitamin overdoses. These overdoses are often even offered as a miracle cure for cancer and other diseases.


Vitamin C

A vitamin C overdose over normal food intake is actually excluded. The body does not automatically take up more vitamin C, just because it is highly dosed.

Overdosing of vitamin C is not possible because excess vitamin C is excreted with the urine. However, the kidneys can be sensitive to too much vitamin C in some people. The result may be that the body reacts with digestive tract complaints and diarrhea. Critical can be an overdose of vitamin C in chronic renal insufficiency. Overdosing can also promote the formation of kidney stones in the case of a renal anderfunction. A healthy person requires an average of 100 milligrams of vitamin C per day. Food supplements are, however, frequently so highly dosed that they exceed these amounts clearly and are therefore not only superfluous but often even dangerous. Vitamin C is essential for the immune system to work, but it does not protect us from colds.


Multivitamin supplements

We strongly advise against multivitamin preparations for the prevention of colds. The intake of highly dosed supplements is ineffective and often even dangerous. Vitamin C tablets and zinc can not prevent colds or shorten the course of the disease. Vitamins in food are all they need and they taste better.


Vitamin B Supplements

But there are still other vitamin preparations offered as miracle drugs, B12, B17 and so on.

Time and again is the talk of vitamin B17. Supposedly an agent that kills cancer in the body. The alleged vitamin B17 from bitter apricot kernels was already advertised as a miracle cure against cancer in the 1970s. Both own studies and studies by other scientists have shown that vitamin B17 is ineffective against cancer. Bitter apricot kernels (vitamin B 17) are not only ineffective against cancer, they can even lead to poisoning. The bitter substance amygdalin from the nuclei is transformed into the body into blue acid (cyanide), a poison which prevents the absorption of oxygen in the cells. This stifles the cells, which eventually can even lead to death. First symptoms are nausea, headaches and paralysis symptoms.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D has a special position among the vitamins. Vitamin D belongs biochemically to the structural group of the hormones, which also include the known hormones estrogen, gestagen, cortisone and testosterone. The body can form it with the help of sunlight. For people who are regularly out, the skin produces 80 to 90 percent of the vitamin D requirement itself. For this, one does not have to spend long hours in the sun and it is enough to have hands, face and parts of arms and legs irradiated. The vitamin D requirement is covered on the one hand by the own production of the body, on the other by the food. How much the daily requirement of vitamin D is, which must be covered over the food, can not be said universally valid. How much vitamin D the body can produce itself depends on a number of factors, such as the place of residence and the sun, age, habits and skin type.

The vitamin D takes many tasks in our organism. For example, it strengthens the bones and affects the muscle strength.

Vitamin D is also important for the cardiovascular function. The vitamin D is also helpful in diabetes and some cancer. Adults often suffer from a severe vitamin D deficiency in osteomalacia. Typical symptoms are, for example, muscle weakness and bone pain. The risk of osteoporosis increases very much with vitamin D deficiency. In children, rickets are threatened, deformations of the bones, also of the skull, may occur.

What happens when vitamin D is overdosed?

Overdosing by excessive sun exposure or increased consumption of vitamin D-containing food is unlikely. It is possible to overdose, especially in the case of excessive consumption of vitamin D supplements (pills, pellets and so on). Consequences of such a vitamin D overdose may be the formation of kidney stones or renal calcification. Therefore, adults should not consume more than 100 micrograms of vitamin D per day over the food and / or dietary supplements. Children up to 10 years should receive a maximum of 50 micrograms per day. On many unscientific websites, a daily vitamin D dose of several thousand micrograms is recommended. These recommendations are unscientific and dangerous. Unfortunately, however, many people believe in these recommendations.


Summary: All these suppliers of so-called vitamin overdoses and food supplements use an ancient desire of the people to make good profits. What do people want? A miracle cure a disease completely. The idea of taking a single product without the slightest effort is, of course, tempting. But something like this is not possible. You need to be ready to do something more to stay healthy or defeat a disease. All these miracle Pills and so on, can be just one, they fill the coffers of the vendors.


What has become of the so-called classical medicine?

Even 100 years ago, many have studied medicine because they were actually ambitious to help people. The physicians at this time examined the patients intensively. The doctors interviewed their patients exactly to analyze their health problems (anamnesis). The doctors recommended their patients to natural and proven medicines from plants and herbs. The doctors recommended their patients wet wipes for the legs against fever, nettle tea against stomach pain and many other tried and tested measures. Still, this was called classical medicine.


Today everything has changed. The term classic medicine is always equated with treatments by pharmaceuticals. If physicians today refuse to use pharmaceuticals and instead use tried-and-true methods, then doctors are immediately referred to as alternative medics. What nonsense is that? The pharmaceutical industry has, over the last 100 years, ensured that medical treatment must always be accompanied by pharmaceuticals, otherwise it is not a classic medicine. This suggestion has been very successful in the pharmaceutical industry, with the help of the media.

Today almost everyone believes that medical treatment can only work with pharmaceuticals. This is called brain manipulation of the special class. The word medicine does not mean pharmaceuticals. A lot of medicine was made from plants. This medicine was often able to eliminate the causes of diseases. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, can at least somewhat alleviate the symptoms. Healing an illness? No, a pharmaceutical is not capable of this, it was never so!

How is a doctor's appointment nowadays? The doctor asks the patient what health problem he has. Then the doctor writes a prescription with pharmaceuticals. Most times, the doctor does not even know the ingredients of this pharmaceutical. It's all about profit. The well-being of the patient is unimportant. It is even desirable that the patient does not get better, because a healthy patient does not bring any profits. This is the dilemma in our time. For these reasons, you should pay close attention to whom you entrust to your health and your life. Classical medicine has mutated into a very large, mafia business. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) plays in this dirty game.

We, the Dayeng Foundation and our therapy center, are completely independent of all industries. Our philosophy is: "healing must not be a business". Please describe your health problem here. We are happy to help you.






Aluminum in the body



In deodorants

Strictly speaking, aluminum salts are only found in antiperspirants. Deodorants primarily cover the sweat smell, while antiperspirants are supposed to prevent or reduce sweating. The aluminum is used for this purpose:

Aluminum compounds are used in antiperspirants because of their antiperspirant effect. The aluminum blocks the pores. In addition, a gel-like aluminum-protein complex is formed which temporarily blocks the sweat gland channels. Permanently clogged pores are not harmless: a perspiration sweating can occur which can cause skin irritation and itching. Aluminum can also enter the body through the skin. The consequences are often nerve damage, infertility, bone damage and a lot more.

Our studies and the studies of many other international scientists have shown that antiperspirants are responsible for the development of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease.


Aluminum in food

However, aluminum does not only enter the body via the skin but also with the food.

Food which is kept warm for several hours in an aluminum packaging showed clearly increased concentrations of aluminum. This is the case, in particular, when the food is acidic. Aluminum is very easily dissolved by acids, for example lemon juice.

In tissue samples of dementia patients increased concentrations of the light metal were found. Animal tests have shown that aluminum can lead to clumping of tau proteins.


Aluminum in vaccines

The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in Germany says the following:

Aluminum salts have been successfully used as adjuvants for inactivated vaccines and toxoid vaccines for over 80 years. In these vaccines effective vaccination would be poor or impossible without the support. We as scientists know that aluminum, in any form, is dangerous to the organism and especially to the immune system. We would like to point out that the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is financed by the pharmaceutical industry. The interests of this institute should be logically understood.


Aluminum is toxic to all forms of life!

See also the video of Dr. Suzanne Humphries. She also researches the effects of vaccination on our immune system for many years. Here is the link to the video:

The aluminum is used in many vaccines (e.g., 6-fold baby vaccine) as an effective amplifier.


The immune system is therefore to be forced to react to the vaccine because otherwise it would hardly react to the altered and weakened pathogens.


Aluminum is toxic to humans, e.g. for the nerve cells, and damages the reproductive organs.


Aluminum blocks the synapses, leading to brain failure.


There is, of course, a difference in how the aluminum is absorbed, whether via the food, over the skin, or injected. The skin and the mucous membranes have a barrier function because they are naturally designed to prevent harmful substances. Oral (over-the-mouth) aluminum is only absorbed to 0.1%, i.e. everything except one thousandth is excreted.


It is particularly problematic when aluminum enters the body via a syringe or infusion.


Therefore, there are limit values for aluminum in infusion solutions.

Per day and kilogram of body weight, the limit value is set to a maximum of 5 micrograms of aluminum. However, traceable studies on harmlessness below this limit do not exist.


A BABY vaccinated in the third month of life according to the recommendations will nevertheless (according to these limit values) be given a 44-fold amount of the maximum amount of aluminum for infusions in a single day.

We call this, as a scientist, murder in installments. The damage caused by these vaccinations we see almost daily. We treat children who are vaccinated from many countries. Request more information here.



American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer SocietyIs the American Cancer Society More About Cancer Profit or Cancer Prevention?

This News Target article probes the connections between the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the medical industry in order to examine why the ACS focuses more on the expensive techniques of screening, diagnosis and treatment than on prevention.

Connection Admitted

The ACS does not deny their connection with industry. Said ACS doctor Michael Thun, "The American Cancer Society views relationships with corporations as a source of revenue for cancer prevention. That can be construed as an inherent conflict of interest, or it can be viewed as a pragmatic way to get funding to support cancer control." The ACS board was created in order to solicit corporate contributions, and several board members are CEOs or presidents of biotechnology companies.


Many board members, in fact, stand to make much more money from treating cancer than from preventing it. It has also been argued that their ties to polluting industries has led the industry to willfully suppress information about the environmental causes of cancer.


Alternative Therapies Blacklisted


Many alternative health doctors and providers have complained about the ACS' controversial "Committee on Unproven Methods of Cancer Management." This Committee reviews "unorthodox" or "alternative" therapies, and puts most of these treatments on the "Unproven Methods" list. This list has caused doctors with successful methods to be refused research money and raided by the FDA.


Most of the treatments on the "Unproven Methods" list have never been shown to be ineffective or dangerous. More than 100 promising therapies have been discredited by the ACS in this way, including:


Tumor Necrosis Factor (originally called Coleys' Toxin)

Hydrazine sulfate


Gersons therapy



It is interesting to note that the techniques on the list are generally unpatented or unpatentable.

The American Cancer Society claims it is, among other things, "Dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer." However, the ACS' corporate entanglements may be preventing them from achieving that very goal.


It is interesting to note that the techniques on the list are generally unpatented or unpatentable.

The American Cancer Society claims it is, among other things, "Dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer." However, the ACS' corporate entanglements may be preventing them from achieving that very goal.




Im Kalender 2005 wird eine Staffelung von 1,37 Millionen neuen Krebsfällen diagnostiziert. Diese Statistik wurde direkt aus den Berichten der American Cancer Society entnommen. Angesichts der erdrückenden Auswirkungen von Krebs auf die öffentliche Gesundheit und der Unwirksamkeit von Maßnahmen wie Chemotherapie und Bestrahlung würden Sie denken, dass Agenturen wie die American Cancer Society (ACS) nach der Möglichkeit forschen, neue Methoden zur Vorbeugung und Bekämpfung der Krankheit zu untersuchen . Leider können Sie falsch liegen.


Why does the ACS reportedly put far greater financial emphasis on chemotherapy and radiation research than on life-saving prevention techniques? Why does the ACS appear to discredit physicians researching and practicing effective alternative cancer-fighting techniques? A closer look at the American Cancer Society reveals the agency's ties to the cancer industry.

So what are the American Cancer Society's strategies for fighting cancer? Innocent Casualties author Elaine Feuer comments that the ACS is more intent on developing cancer treatments than preventing the disease. Feuer argues, "Instead of allotting money towards the prevention of cancer, the medical establishment prescribes chemotherapy and radiation (which can be very expensive and even toxic)."


If decreasing the number of cancer fatalities is the first priority, why not prevent the disease before it starts? Many critics of the American Cancer Society are quick to suggest its "vested interest" in the cancer industry, especially in chemotherapy and pharmaceutical treatments. Dr. Samuel Epstein, former head of a Congressional committee on cancer, has accused the ACS of foul play for years. Epstein claims that the ACS' "longstanding conflicts of interest with a wide range of industries, coupled with a systematic discrediting of evidence of avoidable causes of cancer" preclude many powerful life-saving initiatives.


Corporations – some of which contribute to the American Cancer Society – profit handsomely while they pollute the air, water, and food with a wide range of carcinogens, endangering the lives of millions of people. Why is the ACS silent? Epstein says they are more interested in inflating their budget than waging war against industrial pollution.


Many alternative health doctors and providers charge the American Cancer Society with blackballing effective, albeit non-traditional, treatments. Critics claim the ACS attacks non-patentable, natural treatments in an effort to protect the interests of pharmaceutical companies.


In fact, more than 100 promising alternative non-patented and nontoxic therapies have already been identified and discredited by the American Cancer Society in this way.

The American Cancer Society's mission statement says it is "dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service." Unfortunately, the ACS' corporate entanglements, slippery priorities, and lack of vision may constrict this public agency from making any meaningful strides in the war against cancer.


Where the real interests of the American Cancer Society lie is obvious. Whoever is paid by those who make huge profits on cancer can not be credible.


World Health OrganizationWorld Health OrganizationBy the way, the World Health Organization (WHO) also receives the most financial support from the pharmaceutical industry. Are you always-sure to sit on the right horse?