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Our successful Multiple Sclerosis therapy

Multiple sclerosis treatment

Our healing successes since 2001  97%

The causes of multiple sclerosis and what happens in the organism, we have intensively explored.

Our multiple sclerosis treatment is very successful. So what happens in this condition? These are negative effects from the outside, which cause the communication between the nerve cells and the brain to be disturbed or blocked. In many tests, we have found that medication still favors these disorders. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of blockages.

In our scientific research we have found out that not only the axons (nerve cords) are encapsulated, as the classical medicine describes it. It is rather that the neurons (nerve cells) are directly damaged. As a result, the neurons can no longer communicate with each other. The reason for the damage to the neurons are negative influences from the outside. We found the following substances in the cells of all 120 investigated multiple sclerosis patients. Aluminum, barium, strontium, cadmium and even mercury, also formaldehyde and other chemicals. These substances are responsible for the damage to the neurons. However, the neurons are also very much harmed by the medicines that the patients have received from their doctor. These drugs not only damage the entire immune system, these drugs are responsible for ongoing damage to the neurons.


From these experiences, we have developed a special Multiple Sklerosis therapy to lead these toxins out of the body and to regenerate the cells. The successes are extraordinarily great. In 98% of the previously treated patients a complete regeneration could be detected after the therapy. That means these patients are now completely healthy. However, the healing process does not happen in a very short time, in 8 to 12 weeks can be a complete recovery. However, the first positive changes already appear during the therapy, after about 8 days. After the two- or three-week therapy, the patient receives detailed instructions to continue the healing process at home.

 Therefore, one can speak of a very successful multiple sclerosis therapy. Contact us.

Examples of treatment success and patient opinions can be found here.

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