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Our successful Neurodermatitis therapy

The disease neurodermatitis is also an allergic reaction to negative external effects. The immune system is a very complicated microcosm. Negative external effects can manifest themselves through different reactions. Depending on which cells are disturbed by these influences, the defense system of the body reacts differently. The disturbed or weakened immune defense confounds influences and combats, due to this disturbance, body cells. In the case of neurodermatitis, healthy skin cells are regarded, so to speak, as enemies and combated. We can solve this problem relatively easily. We switch off the negative influences and program the immune system again to normal function. Thus one could describe it in intelligible words. Of course the therapy is somewhat more extensive. Our treatment success is exceptionally high, approximately 100%. It is the, at present, successful neurodermatitis therapy international. Contact us.

Examples of treatment success and patient opinions can be found here.

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