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Our successful Neurodermatitis therapy

Successful neurodermatitis treatment

Our healing successes since 2001  99.6%

The disease neurodermatitis is also an allergic reaction to negative external effects. The immune system is a very complicated microcosm. Negative external effects can manifest themselves through different reactions. Depending on which cells are disturbed by these influences, the defense system of the body reacts differently. The disturbed or weakened immune defense confounds influences and combats, due to this disturbance, body cells. In the case of neurodermatitis, healthy skin cells are regarded, so to speak, as enemies and combated. We can solve this problem relatively easily. We switch off the negative influences and program the immune system again to normal function. Thus one could describe it in intelligible words. Of course the neurodermatitis therapy is somewhat more extensive. Our treatment success is exceptionally high, approximately 100%. 


Our neurodermatitis treatment is currently the most successful worldwide.

Treatment example: Patient 12 years old. Strong neurodermatitis for 8 years. The change during therapy.


 External skin condition on arrival at therapy center.

The neurodermatitis is very strong. The skin is strongly reddened, blood and pus (detritus and high concentration of neutrophilic granulocytes). Microscopy revealed a large number of deformed leukocytes. Predominantly the skin on the back, the thighs and neck and face are disturbed. The general condition of the patient is very bad, also mental.



After 10 days of treatment. The wounds have mostly closed. Blood and pus flow stopped. The redness decreased noticeably. The patient felt no more itching.




After 20 days of treatment (end of therapy). All wounds are well cured. Only the scarring of the originally open skin cells is still recognizable, which, however, will gradually diminish and lighten. The patient no longer feels any pain. Both the physical and mental state has improved greatly. The patient has gained four Kg and feels very energetic.




It is the, at present, successful neurodermatitis therapy international. Contact us.

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