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Open letter to all physicians and doctors of classical medicine.

By Professor Lupus Dayeng. I am the founder of the Dayeng Foundation. Integrated is a scientific research center and a therapy center for the treatment of many so-called civilization diseases.

For many years, as a team of scientists in collaboration with other international scientists, we have investigated the causes of these civilization diseases internationally.

The results were clear and irrefutable. The causes of diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, AIDS, skin diseases, allergies and many more, are for the most part pharmaceuticals that destroy the natural immune system. Other responsible are the food industry and the chemical industry for cosmetic products and personal care products.

We have managed to successfully treat many of these diseases.

Other international physicians, professors, doctors and therapists have come to similar conclusions, including Nobel Prize laureates.

But what happens in classical medicine? Doctors' offices, hospitals, specialty clinics and so on. It is hardly ever investigated for the causes of diseases. The anamnesis is no longer known to the medical profession, and the Hippocratic oath has lost its importance. The profit is important. For everyone seeking help from a medical doctor first kam the question of a health insurance number or the financial resources.

I know a lot of examples where the patient was denied the treatment because they did not have enough money. Many emergency clinics have not treated patients with life-threatening injuries because the injured people had no money.

What's happening here? The Hippocratic oath was exchanged in favor of a slavery for the pharmaceutical industry. This behavior can also be found in the normal medical practices. A doctor's office must make profits, otherwise credit rates can not be paid and so on.

The pharmaceutical industry gives doctors commissions for recommended and sold medicines. Professors receive money and expensive material for recommending certain medications.

But what do pharmaceuticals actually do? First, you always hear and read something about so-called side effects. What should be the side effects? What is that supposed to mean?

Does this mean that a positive main effect, however, is accompanied by negative side effects? Has no doctor ever thought about this nonsense? There is an effect or there is no effect. Point. One can not divide effects in medicine, either it is something positive or even negative. If, therefore, a drug that can possibly only alleviate a symptom, but has so-called side effects which permanently damage the organism, then I speak of negative effects as a whole.

If something is not 100% positive for the organism, it does not belong in the human body. But almost all doctors prescribe antibiotics as a panacea without thinking about the consequences. Almost all physicians destroy the still evolving immune system already of the babies through vaccinations which do nothing positive, but which damage the small organism irreparably. Hardly any doctor knows or has ever studied the contents of vaccination sera.

There is another virus, this virus has the name profit, dependency, unscrupulousness. This virus has, in the past 80 years, more and more physicians and doctors infected. The virus affects the logic of all medical professionals and turns them into unwilling drug addicts of the pharmaceutical industry. 99% of all physicians now believe themselves that pharmaceuticals actually cure diseases.

Then these medical practitioners should name such a drug that would ever have done. Chemistry can not positively influence a diseased biological organism. This assertion is a crime against every patient.

Officials are talking about 12.8 million people worldwide who die of pharmaceuticals annually. I think this sum is very understated. Older people in particular are so well manipulated in our time that almost every human being consumes several different pharmaceuticals, over 60 years, per day. A good business for physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. However, in most countries, elderly people are not usually autopsied after death, because one assumes a natural death. This is probably the reason for at least 50 million deaths. Many of my international colleagues are of the same opinion.

If we were to imagine that these people were not killed by pharmaceuticals but by a virus, then you can be very sure that the pharmaceutical industry would immediately provide a vaccine against this virus. The profit would be incomprehensible. If we now remain in the name of Virus, then the name of the real virus that kills these millions of people every year is PROFITGIER equal to PHARMAINDUSTRIE.

In our therapy center, we heal about 84 thousand people annually who had suffered from an illness which mainly resulted from pharmaceuticals. Many international doctors who have freed themselves from the bondage of the pharmaceutical industry have already joined us. These physicians have one thing in particular, they have character. What about your character? You are welcome to benefit from our scientific research. Remember the Hippocratic oath and begin to really want to heal people.

Now some doctors in Europe say that the Hippocratic oath was replaced by the "Declaration of Geneva". Here is an excerpt from this declaration: "I will not be affected by age, illness or disability, belief, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social position or other factors, when facing my medical duties. I will respect the highest respect for human life. Even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties."

When a doctor gives a child a vaccination, the doctor deliberately destroys the child's natural immune system. What has the doctor sworn before? If a doctor tells a cancer patient that chemotherapy is the best or even the only one to fight this disease, then he has again violated his oath. If a doctor refuses an emergency treatment because a person has no money, then he has violated the oath again. Oaths are thus always broken, for reasons of profit.

The background of this human-despising system of the pharmaceutical industry is coming to light more and more quickly, and many international professors are now openly discussing this. So how do you want to be viewed by people later? As a real medical doctor or an unscrupulous businessman? You make this decision, meet the right one.

Prof. Lupus Dayeng

Independent, scientific research center of the Dayeng Foundation