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The best cures

Prophylactic cures

You do not suffer from an acute illness, but do you want to give your body new strength? From 2018 we will offer, in addition to our successful treatments, also prophylactic cures.

Our cures are not ordinary wellness cures.

Our cures are special health cures, they are treated by doctors who are specialists in their field.

We strengthen the cell structures and the complete immune system. The digestive system is rebuilt and also the nervous system receives new strength.


What is special about our cures?

  • They are in the hands of our specialists, even at preventive treatment.

  • So you are being cared for medically.

  • You will receive special massages and sun therapies for the formation of the important vitamin D.

  • You get pure natural and healthy food, free of chemicals.

  • You get exceptionally healthy and vitamin-rich juices.

  • You get tips for a healthy lifestyle.

  • You always have a specialist at your side.

So you fill up a lot of new energy in your body. We regenerate your immune system, the digestive system and deacidify your body. After the cure your whole body is strong again and also the consequences of stress are eliminated. Almost all people always go on holiday, so why not take a holiday in which they receive new strength.


De prices

10 days including all meals: 2.400,00 €

14 days including all meals: 2,600.00 €

21 days including all meals: 3,530.00 €


We also accept US dollars or English pounds.

Please send your request for one of the world's best cures here.