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The Scientific Research Center of the Dayeng Foundation. Independent.

International scientists are researching for the well-being of human.



The independent, scientific research center of the Dayeng Foundation has been engaged in the research of the human organism for more than 30 years. Special attention is paid to the human immune system. We have succeeded, in collaboration with other international scientists, to gain many new insights.



Our therapy center has emerged from these findings. In our therapies we treat very successfully many so-called civilization diseases.

We also carry out research assignments in various research areas. Please contact us.




Some examples of our scientific research and results so far:

  • The human immune system in general

  • The changes of the immune system in the last 200 years, especially the effects from the beginning of industrialization

  • The effects of pharmaceuticals on the immune system

  • The effects of personal care and cosmetics on the immune system

  • The effects of chemical ingredients in the food on the immune system

  • Differences in the state of the immune system of humans in different regions

  • Influences on the natural aging process (industrialized countries to non-industrialized countries)

  • The impact of media manipulation on the health behavior of people in different countries

  • The workings of doctors, physicians and hospitals with regard to patient advice and patient treatment worldwide

  • Investigation of the mode of action of plants on the human organism compared to pharmaceuticals

  • Reactions and perception of TV advertising on children

  • International analysis of vaccines

  • Scientific investigation report on the links between politics, economics and the development of diseases

All the scientific research carried out has been carried out internationally, in at least 12 countries.