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Dayeng Foundation
Therapy Center

Terms and Conditions


  1. The Dayeng Foundation's treatment center treats sick patients from all countries of the world regardless of nationality and irrespective of social origin. All patients are treated equally.

  2. Each patient can apply for a therapy. A corresponding form can be found on the Foundation's website. The Therapy Center decides on admission to therapy.

  3. The Therapy Center provides detailed information on the contents of the therapy. The patient is obligated to present his / her medical findings and answer all questions during the anamnesis faithfully.

  4. The patient is responsible for the journey to the therapy center. Each patient may be accompanied by one or more other persons. The costs for accompanying persons are indicated separately.

  5. All therapies are individual. Therefore, the costs of the therapy are always calculated individually. The patient first informs us in detail about his illness, then the patient receives an offer about the costs of the therapy. After examining our offer, the patient can make a reservation for the therapy. This reservation is binding for the Therapy Center as well as for the patient.

  6. The costs of the therapy are only due on the day of arrival and admission to the therapy center. A 30% security deposit is required. The therapy center is reserved for the patient and certain preparations are made. Therefore this security deposit is.

  7. The patient is obligated to follow the instructions of the doctors and therapists. If the instructions are ignored and the resultant endangering of the therapy is successful, an immediate termination of therapy by the Therapy Center can result.

  8. The laws of the location of the therapy center apply.