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Successful therapies for the benefit of the patient and not for the benefit of a profit-oriented industry.

I welcome you very warmly. Please take some time for this site, because I think we can really help you.

Dr. biol. hom. Bill H. Chreslow

How do our therapies work?

First, a question: What toxins cause the so-called civilization diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, atopic dermatitis, asthma and other allergies and so on?

These toxins are mainly: aluminum, barium, strontium, cadmium, lead, mercury, titanates and other metallic and chemical toxins. Some, and often all of these toxins, are found in each of our patients.

How do these toxic substances enter the organism? Negatively contaminated air, food from the supermarket, chemical personal care products, cosmetics, creams, pharmaceuticals (particularly vaccine serums contain aluminum, mercury, formaldehydes and more) and many negative effects more.


These toxins, which should not be in a biological organism, are responsible for the physical reactions we call disease.

What does classical medicine do when people are ill? The doctors give their patients more of these toxins in the form of pharmaceuticals. Do you recognize the paradox? Most doctors in classical medicine do not understand biology or even cellular biology. Most doctors do not know about the immune system and its job. Most doctors are merely dealers of the pharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately this is the situation in our time.


In our therapies, we free the organism from these toxins. Then we rebuild the immune system again. Afterwards the entire system including the lymph system can work again correctly. The nerve cells are free of blockages and the organism is healthy. Does it sound simple? Well, a little more extensive are our therapies, of course, but one can explain it so simply.


Our therapies are based on intensive research and extensive experience. Our international research team comes from the fields of biology, special cellular biology, neurosciences, general medicine, paediatrics and other fields.


They want to be healthy? Then make the right decision.

Some of our special therapies, the most common diseases, can be found here.

More information about how these diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's disease, neurodermatitis, AIDS, allergies, and so on occur, refer to the text below.


Successful therapies based on intensive scientific research.

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The human organism is a unique miracle of nature. Our DNA contains everything we need for life, including the immune system.

Man destroys, however, with great ignorance, this perfect system.

We have been researching the biology and especially the immune system for more than 30 years. We have gained a lot of insights. Cancer, Parkinson's disease, AIDS, atopic dermatitis, allergies and many other diseases are due to a weakened or destroyed immune system.

From these findings, we have developed therapies that repair the immune system, so to speak. The results are amazing. Patients were healthy. We achieved particular success with many types of cancer, neurodermatitis, asthma and many other allergies, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, cardiovascular diseases and other diseases.



Why are there cancer, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, autism, atopic dermatitis, allergies and so on?

In a sentence summarized one can say: The cause is a disturbed or destroyed immune system. But why is the immune system, mainly in people from industrialized countries, disturbed or destroyed?


In all organisms of the people of the industrialized countries, we found mainly the following negative substances which do not belong in a biological organism.

  1. Aluminum

  2. Barium

  3. Strontium

  4. Cadmium

  5. Lead

  6. Mercury

  7. Titanates

  8. Formaldehydes and many other chemicals

What do these negative substances cause? They are deposited in the organs and cells. The entire immune system, including the lymph system, can no longer work properly. Cell structures change, nerve connections are blocked. The whole organism is no longer able to function. The diseases mentioned are then the result.


How do these negative substances come into the organism? We investigated the air and soil in 22 countries. In the USA, Canada and Europe, we found large amounts of aluminum, barium, strontium, cadmium, lead, titanate and many chemicals in air and soil. The people in these regions are constantly breathing these toxins. Other causes are personal care products, cosmetics, body creams, tooth creams, preserves and other foods from the supermarkets and, of course, pharmaceuticals. You should know that pharmaceuticals are always chemical substances, because only chemical compounds can be patented. However, natural ingredients can not be patented, so you can not make a profit with natural ingredients. Chemical ingredients, however, destroy the immune system.


There has never been a pharmaceutical that has cured a disease. Pharmaceuticals (chemical compounds) can not this. It is possible to block nerve cells or nerve compounds by chemical means. For example, pharmaceuticals can chemically eliminate the pain sensation. However, this also destroys cells. In order to protect themselves well, there are so-called package insert to the pharmaceuticals. These package insert suggest that many side effects may occur. This is formulated very harmlessly, because in truth, much is destroyed in the organism.


Our scientific research has shown that there are hardly any diseases in countries where there is little industry and little or no pharmaceuticals are consumed. It is thus clear by what all these so-called civilization diseases, above all cancer, arise. But industry will not give up its billions of profits. These industries are very powerful and have made use of the media. Therefore it is very difficult for patients to distinguish between manipulation and reality. Most people believe the news in the TV and in the daily newspapers. These people will most likely not die of any natural death. We too can not help these people, because in order to free themselves from these negative substances, the patient first needs to recognize these influences.


In our therapies we release the organism from these negative influences and repair the immune system. The diseases then disappear. Our success is approximately 100%. However, a successful therapy only works if the patient understands the connections, or rather, he wants to understand them.


Patients who be influenced solely by the statements of the big industry and their propagandists, we can not help them. We are very happy to help all other patients. Our therapies are internationally recognized as the most successful therapies at the moment. Please describe your health problem here.





Our therapy center was founded in 2001. The basis of our therapies are intensive scientific researches, of the biology and especially the immune system of humans. Our research results are based on more than 30 years of scientific.




The philosophy of the Dayeng Foundation is that "healing must not be a business". We are a foundation and not a commercial, profit-oriented company. Ultimately, you decide who you trust.


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