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The Therapy Center of the Dayeng Foundation. Independent, scientific research is the basis of our therapies.

Our research results, in collaboration with other international scientists, have shown that most of the so-called civilization diseases are due to a weakened or destroyed immune system. We have been investigating more than 12,000 people from 8 countries over several years. These long-term studies have revealed the following.


Especially cancer, but also multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, AIDS, neurodermatitis and other diseases are the result of systematically destroyed immune systems.


What weakens or destroys the immune system? The biggest causes are pharmaceuticals. This already begins in the infancy. Inoculants contain aluminum, mercury, formaldehydes and other chemicals. These components destroy the immune system already in the baby age. Are you amazed? We have investigated vaccine sera in 24 countries, all sera containing these toxic additives. But also other pharmaceuticals that many people consume in their lives destroy the immune system more and more. The chemical industry, especially the cosmetics industry, the food industry and the cleaning industry, are also responsible for the systematic destruction of the immune system.


The Human is a biological species when he is filled with chemicals, the entire biological system collapses.

What can we do for you? In our therapies we repair the immune system, we release the organism from the negative influences and restart the immune system. The lymph system also gains new strength.


Since 2001, we have detailed statistics on our treatment successes, which are approximately 100%.

The best treatment success is achieved with the following diseases:

  • Parkinson

  • Cancer

  • Neurodermatitis

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • further skin diseases

  • Borreliosis

  • AIDS

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Epilepsy

  • Chronic gastritis
    and other diseases. Please tell us your health problem here. We will then tell you if and how we can help you.

We also achieve very good treatment results in vaccine damage.



We can not, of course, cure all diseases in our therapy center. Some types of cancer we can not treat successfully. Likewise, we can not successfully treat end-stage cancer. Especially in very old people, we also reach our limits. We can not treat hereditary diseases successfully; at best, we can achieve improvement and / or relief in hereditary diseases.

For these reasons we ask you to tell us exactly your disease.

Please describe your health problem here. We will then tell you if and how we can help you.

We speak English and German.