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Dayeng Foundation
Treatment conditions of the Dyeng Foundation



Science Center

Our research is mainly concerned with human biology. Special reactions of the human body to specific influences. Further research is the study of influences on the psyche.


Our research is always free of guidelines that require certain results. Our research is always unbiased. We always refer exclusively to facts. The client receives all the results of the commissioned research. When publishing the research results, it is forbidden to manipulate our results or to remove individual passages. We always retain a copy of the commissioned research work as security, but this copy is not published by us, without the consent of the client. However, the research results always remain our intellectual property.

It is expressly forbidden to publish or sell the research reports without our approval.


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Therapies, Treatments

We are a foundation, which means that we are not a commercial enterprise. That is why we are not subject to any dependency or conflicts of interest. In the treatments we do not make any difference between poor people and rich people. We do not make any distinctions between religions, skin color, political beliefs or other individual characteristics.


We treat every patient according to our current scientific knowledge. All our doctors are specialists in their field and work with full conviction. Each patient receives the best possible treatment. Each patient receives the same respect a person deserves, we do not make any difference.


We also expect patients to be respectful and courteous. It is important that patients follow all instructions in the therapy to achieve a good therapy result. Patients who do not follow our instructions and therefore endanger the success of the therapy can be excluded from the therapy. Patients who are arrogant, rude, too loud or offensive, can also be excluded from therapy. Possibly already paid therapy contents, in these cases are not refunded.


Our team and our staff are always polite and respectful to patients. We also expect this from all patients.


For eventual insurance for an accident or other events, the patient is responsible. The Dayeng Foundation assumes no liability for damage to the body or things that may arise during therapy. Excluded are any treatment errors that were made by us. This includes, for example, spoiled food or wrong medication. However, this has not happened yet because of the very prudent behavior of our staff.