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I wish for a childI wish for a child


Childless not by choice ?

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The causes as described by classical medicine:

Disorders in men

Infertility in men is mainly due to so-called restricted sperm production. This means that not enough intact and moving seed cells are produced.


Disorders in women

Organic defects or changes in the ovaries and fallopian tubes, the uterine cervix and the uterus can also make pregnancies difficult or prevent them.


Classical medicine, as always, deals only with the symptoms and not with the causes, because in many couples, no damage is found in the organs and the child's wish remains unfulfilled. Classical medicine does not investigate further, in this case. Often an artificial fertilization is then proposed. But why, for example, a fertilized egg is repelled from the uterus, classical medicine hardly explores.


finally pregnantfinally pregnantThe successful treatment with our therapies

Our scientific research center has intensively studied 240 couples around the world who have not been able to get children so far. We exclusively examined couples who were organically healthy. This means no malformations of the organs.

The results: Classical medicine is restricted to the sperm formation and the condition of the sperm in the men. In the case of women, classical medicine is limited to the examination of the organs which are decisive for pregnancy, uterus, cervix, and so on.


Our scientific studies have shown that a significant disruption of the immune system has been observed among all the couples we examined. The causes are foreign substances in the organism, wrong nutrition and stress. The consequence of the disturbed and too weak immune system is that certain immune cells of the immune system no longer worked properly and attack the egg cell in the uterus. The consequence is that the egg cell can not settle in the uterus, the egg cell dies and is excreted. In men, the disturbed immune system provides for sick sperm cells. In many investigated men there were too few sperm cells.


We have developed a special therapy to repair the disturbed immune system so to speak. The result of the therapy is that the cells again communicate correctly and no longer receive incorrect information.

Many of the examined couples have already been treated in our therapy center. All the couples who have been treated by us are now parents, in a natural way. These results are more than satisfactory.

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finally a babyfinally a baby

finally pregnantfinally pregnant

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